NOPOET –worlds solution—

poetry by nicc cooling
September 3, 2015

thesterson star and andy warhole

thee knights rizkley up upon tara
thee feemmen brustly do havor agap
thee maitren sitingc sirs high palaver
thee pairs and stewarts donut get atack
thee eldestly sit and wine and dine appart
from silly dime…
terring all good gods appart unsmart
thee racceeteers are burns inhis handdrafted cop
thee bachaneers are booty intheis golden pot
thee piratest bounty mounted jouths juwelery club

thee annarchist are un a christ missing the finaly gap above
thee sons of ra,the nofreetete in maiden,the women in love

go often up and never fail down and even if u do gods around

he will gift u more time and more time.
6.29 am mmxv.ix.iii thursty cc.

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