NOPOET –worlds solution—

poetry by nicc cooling
September 3, 2015

enger eldest

me, myself and eye

me, myself and eye

the human soil for grizzly cars
the idealist boil knowing prizzly stars
the pro.f the list en' eve' one of this
the bro to da brat che' pistolly ghist.
the cci tha 4 randerly b-fliss edding o
the scar upin in chandize and candize o
that far my darvin c and syantz is evol
than pan pantz panzer pooling flora ete
fauna indiscussionaly raptitlely bastin
tora capballahh luthering thee calvinis g.

so sirs, sires and stars and nobless
do circles care of cubits and gorest
to all welbeing welbrain' and wonder
thistle whistle temple terrax mustnT
go down under to experience sailersm
moon and river and floating trallers
soon highs are rare boating heavenly
skys.only thee practicle article use
offer electronicc device.vice versal

ropas paperly princeiple pontifax piped
tricky joungblooded femmely blablaque stripped
gotti pain ted these nowa days in the scrapers 
give the darkmatters achance andy did knowking
sitting in greenly adviva vice "the 3 days of rum or fame"
blackbird stoertebaecker bluebird and even robin with lockes lee

swifting appart usus and standart stereotypes 
gifted in heart and smartly right writes
owling not bowling and uking not u ring of flys
thee golden flees of alchemys 
and owl land of indude industrees
take away thee futurumseeds
not allone in bambi suiting cities
not allone with mogamebo urgencies
not allone drift in sorrows+universecitys
not alpin deir indeus doll are sin cities
not all tavern after pubick harry my lord 
is. but ok ko ono of the duke of grandame
di. dod ey could have nether let piped 2b
we know borkgoleo has a smile and jesuicy
we know politbureau has styles and destin
knee.kneel young and uppa ur classest cnc
together and notonly asses. jacks ur tomo
hawks and tomorrow kingz, dont ace high I
golden days swings. dont believe te hypee
dont stick sucking stiffend suffering sins
theen all we are the martine luther jr kins
be keen and wity, we round circles wittingh
magical fluting 2 choral and deeply percept

ethics and moral

thee 3 and 2 of full house of cards
thee us and uking and francis darks
thee other two jacks
german rats
and russiansteps
thee odder oddone
so called pigs 
greek +

greed +

thee land of tito blasted
the land of northern afreecar greenly disasted

nothing and never nothing hilling inthese times of extreme
poting and rotting down on bills and tips titly dceent lee
asscene... pints2 wines2 are fatally mean andy did warwhole ceen.

the land of saladin within scrunity plastredvielleicht verspättet
the land of chi mun geen yellowing casted
the land of khans pasted
the land of barein bargin capital barofseen
barofsky has that
the pope of cathaar notre dame and davinci pasted
they eye an popeyes blinc and donots gape up
were more then thee tools toiling toomooroows gap

oraclear of dephins & saba & egypteantz

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