NOPOET –worlds solution—

poetry by nicc cooling
Dezember 15, 2015

english poems of an sailing eye

elle amouré

calming down froning tipssy topstop bound
on soily ground greening greyhound

havreing here haveing chesst
what is there mor on to diggest

going in cuming out is this wrong a smile about
the world is a feasty beast dont admit to loud
and even if there is a funny giggling stone britz are rats
the take out de smallest just true fearest
and rats have bone too
but they save the family, a write thing to do

goofy here spooky there snoopy every
day in day out allden about
hidden thales for cammreds
hidden cam in just da bretz
if fun is to shout and scream
sorry lucifering bastart u just want to be mean… .. … ..


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